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The Reunion - Now Online

Adam is pleased to share The Reunion with you all.

"This year has been a mix of highs and lows but I’m ending it on a high by sharing this film with you. A film I’m very proud of.

The Reunion came about because the future can be a terrifying thing.

I’m nearly 30 and most of my friends are getting married, having babies, buying houses, embarking off on exciting careers and I have no idea what I’m doing. But it’s easy to forgot there is no right path, no right destination and sometimes, we’re all struggling. And if we’re all struggling then we’re not alone.

I like to think that just about everyone will be able to relate to Holly in some way as she experiences her school reunion and catches up with her friends; people that I feel we’ve all encountered at some point.

The Reunion is an ambitious short film with a large cast and a variety of locations. It was made possible by 75 generous backers on Kickstarter. Filmed over five days, it was achieved through the hard work of a dedicated and talented crew. That hard work has been recognised in the form of two awards. The Reunion won Best 10-15 Minute Film at Fal Film Fest and Best Comedy Entertainment at the Royal Television Society Devon and Cornwall Student Awards.

Working through my own issues with this film has been a cathartic experience and I hope everyone that watches it gets something out of it. Enjoy."

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