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Time To Get Spooky With Cheesemint This Halloween

All Hallow's Eve is mere days away and at 'Mint Towers (of Terror) we love a good fright! Here's a look back at some of our more spooky video content, including our recent Super Happy Kill Time Halloween Special!

We've got demons, witches, murderers, zombies and even Lovecraftian nightmares! So why not create yourself a playlist and watch them all...if you dare. Seriously though, please do dare.

You're All The Same

Back in 2013, we worked on a something we like to call The Alignment Project. We each picked a classic DnD (Dungeons & Dragons) alignment. Emma-Jane choose Lawful Evil and the result is her comedy horror short, You're All The Same about summoning a demon who takes the rules far too seriously. It was our first time working with actor Laura Jane Watling and we loved her so much, she's now a main cast member in our award winning web series Super Happy Kill Time!

The Erased Line

In 2014 Matt released his black and white love letter to the art of German expressionist filmmaking. It features Jenny Swindells and Emma-Jane taking on the role of asylum escapees and is based on the opera Die Frau ohne Schatten (The Woman Without a Shadow) written by Strauss. It holds a special place in our hearts being the very first award nomination we received.

BFF: A Zombie Film

Later in the same year, we released the award nominated horror short BFF. It's a story that explores the limits of friendship over time and throws into question who the real monsters truly are. Starring Moira Hickson and Laura Jane Watling. As always, this was filmed in and around Norwich.

Induction of the Weyward Sisters

This eerie horror short was released in 2016 and explores three friends experimenting with dark forces they don't understand. Starring Cheesemint staples Moira and Laura alongside Katy McCullagh. Random Trivia Time: Katy is now a Cruise Director on Royal Caribbean Cruises!

10 Cucumber Lane

Now for something more lighthearted...unless you're a cucumber of course... this short skit was written and directed by Emma-Jane. She came up with the idea after recreating a scene from Psycho on Vine the previous year. RIP Vine and RIP cucumber.

Murder At Country Manor

A country manor! A murder! Multiple suspects! This silly video playfully pokes fun at the whodunnit? genre. It wasn't Colonel Mustard...this time. Directed by Matt and filmed after a rainy day of board game playing with friends.


This short horror comedy from 2018 is a spoof genealogy advertisement for fictitious website 'Blood of the Old Gods' with a Lovecraftian twist. It stars Ryan Livermore, Amber Burton, Georgie and Emma-Jane with voiceover from Stuart Ashen. Also, look out for some original art from M.J.Hiblen.

Mi Reino (Trailer)

This film will be doing the festival circuit rounds next year. Watch as two conquistadors in search of treasure, deep in the rainforests of South America find more than gold. A short film exploring madness, paranoia and the power of hallucination, directed by Matt and starring Eli Silverman and Ryan Livermore.

Finally, our very first Halloween Special...

Super Happy Kill Time Episode 26

The SHKT gang get spooky in this instalment. Parts of this episode were filmed in Japan and Australia! If you haven't caught up with our award winning web series - what are you waiting for!? The ever-awesome Dan Leonard even gave our intro a special Halloween makeover!

Get in touch and let us know what your favourite horror-themed Cheesemint video is.

Until next time...Happy Halloween!

Love, Cheesemint

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