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A DnD alignment image split into four, showing screenshots from each film in the Cheesemint Productions Alignment Project

An agent has been given the order to execute a dangerous criminal.

Adam challenges the Lawful Good alignment.


Matthew Stogdon, Jenny Swindells, Sam Rouse and Josh Butler

Written and Directed by Adam Gunton

Matthew explores the nature of a Chaotic Good individual in The Cabal.


Lee Manning, Jason Palmer, Mark Reynolds, Ell Mullers,

Ben Coleman and Adam Gunton

Written and Directed by Matthew Stogdon

Emma-Jane's piece explores a Lawful Evil negotiation between a demon and a impertinent human.


Laura Jane Watling and Kara Langford

Written and Directed by Emma-Jane Corsan

Georgie explores the petty and malicious side of Chaotic Evil.


Fiona McDonnell

Written and Directed by Georgie Oatley

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