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Landscape poster for season 1 of web series Unlocked. All six main characters are dressed as their D&D characters


Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a video game?
Welcome to Unlocked, set in a world full of bonus levels and heads-up-displays, nothing is ever as it seems. Meet John Freeman, a squeaky-voiced man-child with big dreams. He works for Alex Ryan, a narcissistic comic shop owner who has recently let John and Anton Eadas (their simple yet genius friend) move into his garage. Completing their social circle is Pip Wesker, a competitive gamer with a tendency for uncontrollable rage and Zoey Evans, who constantly wonders why she’s even friends with these people.
Landscape poster for season 2 of web series Unlocked. Six main characters are dressed in post-apocalyptic, video game style.
Characters from Unlocked season 1 dressed as D&D counterparts, one is a mage, gathered in front of a hooded figure
John (Adam Gunton) is doing press-ups while Pip (Emma-Jane Corsan) and Anton (Charles Meigh) kneel. Season 1 Unlocked.
Four rival characters/antagonists standing in a row in a park. Production still from Unlocked season 1.
Five characters with weapons drawn in a clearing in the woods. One is a robot. Promo image for Unlocked season 2
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