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Black image banner with Cheesemint Productions name and logo on the left and a headshot of each five members on the right.
Emma-Jane Corsan (Stogdon)

Emma-Jane (AKA EJ) grew up in East London and moved to Norwich in 2004 to study Philosophy at the University Of East Anglia. After graduating  and attaining extra qualifications in the Japanese language, she embarked on a Master's degree in Art, Design, and Education, at Norwich University of the Arts. 


EJ met her fellow ‘Mints (including her husband) around this time and Cheesemint Productions was formed. While she doesn’t mind being in front of the camera, she prefers the practical aspects of filmmaking. 


They are a former contributor to the games site, GameByte, and used to write a column for the pop culture site, Forces Of Geek. She has also written for DnD site Deathsave. Her alignment is somewhere between lawful/chaotic good!


Gaming is one of her passions alongside filmmaking but she also loves reading, writing, playing board games, DnD, going to the cinema, listening to music, sumo wrestling, coffee, and baking. 


Check out the sumo podcast they co-host, SumoDrop.

Adam Gunton

Twitter: @adamgunton


Adam grew up in Norfolk, developing a desire to make moving images by watching them. A firm obsessive of the current obsession, Adam is shaped by the things he watches, reads, and plays. Without these obsessions, Adam may not have developed the bonds that he did with the other 'Mints and so wouldn't be writing this bio right. So love the stuff you love and share that love with others who love it too.

Adam recently graduated with a degree in film from Falmouth University. His final piece, a cathartic short called "The Reunion", won a couple of awards which Adam is pretty chuffed with. When not making films Adam is found consuming copious amounts of television, video games, board games, and gin. 

Although fighting the paradox of being a romantic and pragmatist, Adam has big ambitions for the future but ultimately wants to keep having fun making stuff with his friends.

Charles Meigh

Twitter: @castellan

Charles is a scientist and a genius, and has pieces of paper that prove both assertions. He has presented video and done V.O. on the intraWebz alongside being a Cheesemint.

Charles has moved house every two years of his life, and has now moved to America: the Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave. He is concerned that he will be found out to be a Cowardly Custard, but he can still talk about himself in the third-person so the USA might let him stay.

Like all the Cheesemints, he has written, acted, produced, scavenged, begged, borrowed, blagged, edited and suffered for his art. He has no regrets, and urges all those who would make films to just do it. You are now a film-maker.

He is a gamer, and although he used to keep a Warlock at the level-cap in WoW, he is forming a guild for TESO…he will probably play something dark-magicky, something that summons nefarious minions to do his bidding.

Georgie Oatley

Twitter: @georgiezo

Georgie has lived in Norwich since forever and has a rather unremarkable biography to offer, for which she apologises profusely. Soz bbz. 


Georgie studied Film and Moving Image Production, graduating from Norwich University of the Arts in 2014. Whilst at university she made numerous short films, had work experience on a handful of feature films and collaborated on a project for UNESCO with the author Eimear McBride. Since then she has worked in video production, photography, marketing and general #digitalcontent stuff, and is now a marketing person for a marketing company. 


A keen writer and director, Georgie has a bookcase of notebooks bursting with half written scripts and treatments that might one day get made if she ever runs out of distractions on Netflix and Instagram.


Her favourite distraction is her beloved pooch Captain Haddock, a beautiful greyhound even lazier than his owner (obvs he has an Instagram account you can follow). Georgie is also partial to gin, dancing like Kate Bush, gardening and napping.

Matthew Stogdon

Twitter: @stoghz
Website: The Red Right Hand

Both a British and Irish citizen, Matthew was born in London and moved to Norwich where he met his fellow Mints (marrying one of them) and helped co-forge a wonderful team who have produced a varied range of films through sheer willpower and dedication – not to mention an exceptional amount of luck.

He has also penned several pieces for Norfolk newspaper The Evening News and his writing has been featured in SFX and Neo Magazine. Every fortnight he puts his extensive cinematic knowledge to use hosting a film quiz for Cinema City – to date he has asked over 10,000 questions.

On top of that, he is a member of the popular podcast The Sequelisers, wherein two teams pitch alternate hypothetical sequels to good films. The first three episodes covered Jaws 2, Robocop 2, and Batman Forever. The show shot to quick notoriety as the first episode entered at #34 in the UK iTunes podcast chart.

A sum of his parts, Matthew is a fan of film, books, comics, video games, anime, board games, rugby, history, mythology, languages, politics, and cowboy boots.

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