“ What’s a Cheesemint" you may ask?


Well, it’s a film-maker that’s influenced by the things it loves. In this case, there are five of us: Adam Gunton, Charles Meigh, Emma-Jane Corsan, Georgie Oatley and Matthew Stogdon.


Since we formed in 2009 we’ve produced a diverse range of short films, sketches and our landmark web series Unlocked. We’ve got plenty more series, shows and silliness planned for the future so stay tuned. 


Here you’ll find updates on our latest projects, links to our videos and a flurry of general ramblings.


We hope you enjoy it.


Love, Cheesemint

"We're not f**king around."


June 27, 2020

Our three nominations were announced by Seoul Web Fest hosts, Young Man Kang & Anna Ward today at 2pm KST (that's 6am BST) are as follows;

May 27, 2020

Seoul Webfest asked Cheesemint to be part of their creator interview series.

Despite facing lockdown, multiple cast members sent mobile phone footage of themselves to director, Matt. Especially fitting given the series is filmed entirely on smart phones! 

Check out...

May 26, 2020

Cheesemint Production's award winning web series, Super Happy Kill Time has been officially selected once more for the Seoul Webfest 2020 in South Korea.

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