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A lone, silhouetted figure (character, Sariel played by Kyle Stewart) looking over the city of Norwich at sunset.
The name 'Sariel' on a white background. Sariel is stylised as red ink and is reminiscent of blood.

"It's not every day you are greeted by walking evidence of your faith"

A dark street lit with blue light. In the distance, a right blue light is beaming down. Production still from Sariel feature.

Sariel is how the world ends.


Wanting to tell a story about the arrogance and short-sightedness of humanity, Matthew wrote an extremely ambitious screenplay which eventually plumed into a full feature-length release. 


Drawing inspiration from The Seventh Seal and The Day The Earth Stood Still, the script tells the story of an angel sent to Earth to offer God's final bargain: convert a largely atheist city in England or the world will be destroyed.


Analysing the concepts of faith, proof, religion, tradition, obedience, questionable rulers and free will, Sariel is a tour de force of talking points and essentially reflects the inner turmoil of the contemporary religious devotee.


Very much in the vein of a theatrical play's structure, Sariel is largely a series of conversations held by those of differing viewpoints who argue with the lead about humanity's purpose and place in the universe.


Dealing with such heavy theological and philosophical it could be initially considered quite ostracising but setting the story in such a small area allows for a relatable scope that audiences can identify with. 


Despite being shot in 2014, the arguments about the validity of experts and human acts borne of desperation surprisingly became prevalent throughout Britain's EU Referendum and America's 2016 Presidential election.


As such, the broad appeal and relatability of this movie widened significantly and gave what was once a fantastical premise a daunting feasibility – to a degree.


As with other projects, Sariel is a huge leap forward for Cheesemint, with the assistance of cinematographer Tom Martin, a range of noted locations around Norwich, stunning visual effects and a fantastic sprawling cast including so many local faces, internet superstar Stuart Ashen and cinematic legend Julian Sands in the role of God.


Sariel is currently in post-production but will be coming soon.

A collage of production stills from Sariel, featuring all cast and locations in Norwich.

"Absence of a thing creates forgetfulness, not fondness. And given enough time can remove all memory.

Such is the way with these creatures and their God"

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