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Cheesemint celebrates official selection at Seoul Webfest 2020!

Seoul WebFest Official Selection

We're absolutely delighted to announce that our anime-inspired comedy action web series, Super Happy Kill Time (series 3) has made it into the official selection for Seoul Webfest - again!

This is the second time we've been officially selected for this fantastic festival based in South Korea. In 2019, we had the honour of being selected and nominated for Best Action Series and Best Web Series for series 1 and 2.

We're so pleased that Super Happy Kill Time gels well with Asian audiences, especially as it's a homage to anime, an art form which is uniquely Asian. We've previously celebrated a win at the 2018 Asia Web Awards, winning Best Comedy Series for series 1 and 2.

We had hoped to visit the Seoul Webfest award ceremony last year, to explore Seoul and to network with the other creators but sadly, we couldn't fit it in around our schedules.

This year, we promised ourselves that we would try our best to travel to the awards ceremony if we were nominated again but Covid-19 currently has other ideas. Fingers crossed that we not only win an award but we're also able to visit the festival safely this year!

Here's the announcement video. Congratulations to all the other nominees!

Watch this space to find out what categories season 3 has been nominated in and if you haven't already caught up on award winning Super Happy Kill Time, head to our YouTube channel now - it's free to watch so what are you waiting for?!

Thanks again to Seoul Webfest for this incredible honour and to all of our amazing cast and crew, This wouldn't have happened without your hard work and dedication!


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