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“ What’s a Cheesemint" you may ask?


Well it’s a filmmaker that’s influenced by the things it loves. In this case, there are five of us: Adam Gunton, Charles Meigh, Emma-Jane Corsan, Georgie Oatley and Matthew Stogdon.


Since we formed in 2009 we’ve produced a wide range of short films, sketches and two web series - including Unlocked and award winning Super Happy Kill Time. We’ve got plenty more where that came from so stay tuned. 


Here you’ll find updates on our latest projects, links to our videos and a flurry of general ramblings.


We hope you enjoy it.


Love, Cheesemint

"We're not f**king around."


October 29, 2019

All Hallow's Eve is mere days away and at 'Mint Towers (of Terror) we love a good fright! Here's a look back at some of our more spooky video content, including our recent Super Happy Kill Time Halloween Special

We've got demons, witches, murderers, zombies and even L...

March 29, 2018

How do YOU eat yours?!? Find out how the 'Mints eat theirs. Happy Easter!

March 26, 2018

Having made a scene at the end of the last episode, it is now Apophis’ turn to be judged. But how exactly does a master chemist go about killing a target? Watch this dark episode to find out.

Will the others succeed? Will they get along? Will it all go horribly wrong? N...

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