"I just want to sleep"

A man stands atop a rooftop, feeling the wind rush against his face. Flipping a coin, he watches it fall and steps off the ledge. As he falls to his death, we witness his final thoughts which cause the audience to question everything being presented. Is this real life? Or is it a dream?


Falling Asleep tells the very personal and painful story of Nathan Frost, a thoroughly depressed individual receiving counselling. In addition to his depression, Nathan must contend with heavy doses of medication and hallucinations. 


This feature was created as an experimental piece without an answer. Everything from the costumes to the editing is designed to add ambiguity and unreliability to any one argument of whether the character is falling to his death or simply dreaming that he is.


Falling Asleep was released in 2014.

"I didn't want the world to end or anything, I just wanted a change"

"Sleep, awake, the states are very hard to differentiate.

It's the very nature of simulacra and simulation"

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